Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SSPT Challenge 2 (Picture Heavy)

Posted by stackyscraps at 11:51 PM

Ok, here comes number two, anyone that knows my mom and I please keep this hush hush, she does not know about it yet. The challenge this time was Neopolitan ice cream colors of pink, brown, and cream. I took this challenge pretty seriously and decided to make it a Mother's Day gift. I edited some old pictures that I scanned into the computer, took out the backgrounds and ther cracks, and recolored all of the pictures for this wordbook. This is my very first wordbook so it took me forever, I feel like I have been working on this project for months, but I think a lot of that has been trying to do it all in hiding ;). For my friends who may not know, if you want to see closer, you can cllick on the pictures. Crafting information about this one: I used Design Studio to make the book with Alphalicious and George and Basic Shapes. On the inside, the font is Alphalicious too and the frames are from Storybook but some are slightly edited as well. Thanks for looking!!

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